What We Do

As members of the Business Continuity Institute we are dedicated to offering effective business continuity services. We work with companies ranging in size from SME's to Global Enterprise.Our robust consultancy methodologies are applied to allow your business a comprehensive continutity plan.


Canada Square Consultancy have recieved referrals from large financials like Goldman Sachs, Valad, The Bank of Rothschild and HSBC. We are constantly building upon are already impressive portfolio of clients.


Virtualization removes the limitations of your traditional IT approach, enabling a single physical server to run multiple applications simultaneously. These are called "Virtual Machines."

Business Telecommunications

Business telecommunications allow for your modern telecommunication systems and devices to help businesses establish effective communication systems. These include: Telephony, fax and stable internet connection. The type of solution a business will require will depend upon the scope of their work and the individual needs of their staff.


The FSA is the regulatory body for the financial services industry in the UK and is thereby tasked to promote orderly, efficient, and fair financial markets in order to help customers and clients get fair business transactions as well as to help businesses to improve their efficiency and capabilities.


For a company to be in good standing with the FSA and SRA, it has to accomplish a few steps.


Firstly,  the company should know exactly what regulations and guidelines apply to them and which of these regulations hold importance to their business.


Secondly, the company has to adjust all of its policies to make sure its business efforts do not conflict with the regulations and that its actions always meet the requirements of the FSA and SRA.


Thirdly, the company must educate its employees about how important these regulations are to ensure the comapny will not be penalised.